KICKSTARTER: The lost shaman
An 'alternative' Roll'n Write with digital oracle
"The Eye of the Oracle" is a saga of games designed to also work through  voice commands, thus allowing you to focus on the printed map on which  notes will be taken, and this is the first solo exploratory proposal. An adventure inspired by mysticism and the powerful magic of nature that  features a small shaman trapped in the dark zone from which he can only  save himself by following the indications of the oracle. A unique Roll'n Write game that combines the classic strategy of notes  and clues on a sheet of paper with a digital oracle that will follow and  guide you in the game. Additionally, you can play infinite games,  always different, thanks to the procedural system of level creation.
The game and the rules. How to play
You are a young shaman, perhaps a little too clumsy. This time, a series of magical experiments has landed you in the Dark Zone.  Luckily, your smartphone has been catapulted with you and you can use it to get help from the older shaman who, despite his grumbling, will not give up on your escape. The game is inspired by the classic Roll'n Write: minimal and immediate, with a pen and paper to mark the clues (obstacles, landslides, found objects, monsters, keys, closed doors). During the game you will have to use the combat system directly from the "Oracle". Remember: The notes you make on the map will be your guide to victory.
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