Concept by Giacomo Marchionni - Designer

Entry for "You Dream, We Light" - LG Display OLED light Design Competition 2016 
Project Group:
Giacomo Marchionni
Luca Prestipino
Federico Grazzini  

Consider how many people waste time looking for something in their bag or purse when its dark or there is a low level of ambient illumination.
This product helps those people easily find things inside their bag or purse by providing local illumination.
Additionally, it can be a clear signal for passing motorists when walking down dark streets.
It consist on two handles made of flexible OLED strips covered with a transparent plastic cover powered a small battery pack.
Another enhancement would be to link the OLED strips to the users’ mobile phone allowing it to signal incoming calls or messages by changing the OLED  luminance level.
② General Lighting
- Lightning design which maximizes the strength of OLED
- Ceiling lighting, pendant, task lamp, mood lamp, flush mounts, track Lighting…
Make Prototype
The most important part is to make prototype with a real material to test strenght, quality, usability, and design.
OLED light is a new technology that grow every day and this is the real challenge when is contextualized within a product.
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