My funny interview with Mr. Kong. (inspired by 1933 stop motion armature).
3D printable model for stop motion armature workshop and games asset.
3D Model, rendering, lights, pbr materials, retopology: Luca Prestipino
The asset is low-poly model, optimized for games and also for 3d printers (single parts without crews).
Final render - test pose. All parts are PBR materials optimized with substance painter.
Focused on main human character sit (not insert right now) 
Main composition optimized for headers.
Retopology for games optimization. I reduced polygons density (1.123.068 faces to 3.682)
Legs from Substance painter. all details are normals and height map.
Working on substance painter. I used a long sequence of levels to reduce hdr artifacts in PBR material.
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