Christmas OLED lights concept: modern interpretation of the classic Christmas decoration.
Design: Giacomo Marchionni
Progettazione e grafica: Luca Prestipino - Cromaticalab
Frame: brushed steel
Light: OLED
Weight: 60g
Dimensions: 64 mm OLED disc, 75 mm max external size.
A new era for the Christmas lights is coming! This project represents a design evolution of the traditional decorations that we are used to place on our Christmas tree. The common lighting balls are replaced by stylish OLED disks, that emit a very homogeneous and charming light. These ornaments are very light, have a low power consumption and morever every single OLED disc can be substituted easily, thanks to the magnetic interface. Lights control using Wifi App manager (Intensity, blink sequence, start/stop timer, smart proximity sensor on/off).
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