We are a team of Italian artists expert in mechanical books design, filmakers, writers, game designers and technics in digital arts.
We explore the aestetic message behind visual impact, sometimes for unusual projects and sometimes only for a good project. We love this music around creativity...
STEP .01
Travel over the lighthouse
This is the first step of an huge project for six books of a fantasy history. An history for nostalgic old children.
We looking the past, when reading a book the imagination flying and we can see with eyes something that nobody could see.
A story of mythological monsters around sailors' legends and impressive travels.
The goal is make a copy book hard covered, the first of 6 stories around the young character: the sailor of the lighthouse.
Next goal of project
A paper kit pre-creased and cutted for collection. A complete set of characters and environment of the first novel.
• Papercraft elements - case study for optimization crease,cut, nesting for print and production.
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